Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eco plus Nomics

The term "economics" goes way back to the ancient Greek civilization; one may find this term in most, if not all, etymology dictionaries. Economics derives from oikos, i.e. the house, the household; and nemein, i.e to manage, to allot (alternatively from oikos and nomos, i.e  the law). Conclusions are up to you...

I created this blog to communicate my thoughts on this magnificent and rather fascinating science- to whoever is interested- as well as on all of its aspects and implications. Ecoplusnomics was born by the seed of  my economic instincts and concerns and the ova of the post-2008 era. That is not to say that I shall stop posting as soon as the international economic scene returns to prosperity.

Why in English? To be honest, I would rather write in Greek. However, language is both the root of a civilisation- and hence an inseparable part of the native speakers' culture- and an instrument of communication among native and non-native speakers; a common framework of communication if you prefer. Clearly, I am not a native speaker! Or... I am just dictated by my own ego and my will to practice English for my hopefully soon to begin PhD studies.

Another common (or not so common at the end of the day) framework is the economic science and, subsequently, economic development as a tool; a mean; an instrument to achieve social prosperity and- if cynically stated- to enhance Human Development Index. The misunderstanding that overshadows the economic policy every once in a while (currently) is making economic development a target, instead of using it as a tool and focusing on advancing social welfare. Poverty, limited access to health services, to education and to infrastructure are most certainly inconsistent with social welfare. In the final analysis, social welfare mobilizes consumption, savings and profits. Finally, (economic) development should not be confused with (GDP) growth.

I have always wanted to advocate for the science I think I am meant to serve.

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