Thursday, November 28, 2013

Two Advocacies

In my last post, "An Advocacy", I pointed out two facts about modern economics and financial markets in an attempt to defend them both. The following two posts become more explicit in indentifying exactly who particularly should be blamed as opposed to generally accusing the Economists as a whole. 

The first one by Simon Wren-Lewis and the second one by Paul Krugman. Enjoy! 

[1] mainly macro: Attacks on mainstream economics and reforming economics teaching: Mainstream (orthodox) economics is having a hard time in the pages of the Guardian. First Aditya Chakrabortty writes “ How do elites remain in charge?...

[2] The Consience of a Liberal: The Trouble With Economics Is Economists: "That’s in large part what Simon Wren-Lewis is saying in this post defending mainstream economics. And I largely agree. It is deeply unfair to blame textbook economics either for the crisis or for the poor response to the crisis. The mania for financial deregulation...

Conclusions are yours. Mistakes and misstatements are all mine.

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