Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are we really jealous of Mr. Schaeuble and his "better results"?

It took me a while to reply to the comment of Mr. Schaeuble; “This also happens in classrooms. Sometimes when you have better results, others have difficulties with this, sometimes they are even a little jealous.", but that was because I was trying to figure out if such statement is true. Sometimes, jealousy makes you see something other than the truth... Then, I made up my mind and some former fellow students of mine confirmed my thoughts.

I recall myself being the most skillful student in some (perhaps, a few) courses but I cannot recall receiving any critics or any signs of jealousy from my fellow students. Neither do I remember anyone else- at least from my entourage- while being the best achiever facing envy from less achieving students. The same stands for my school years when, although I was never the best, no-one was jealous of the pupils with the highest grades (me neither); and for my sports activities (a few, indeed). 

Jealousy was never the case, perhaps because when the low-achievers were asking for help by the best ones they were never given some hundreds of items of scientific literature to study and then to be examined. When follow students we looking for some help I never "jumped on" them lecturing them on how intensively they should had studied, but I offered to help them instead and, as a matter of fact, I lost several days doing so. Vice versa, I was never lectured by anyone from whom I asked for help. In addition, back to school, pupils were always mocking the most creepy or the less social grumpy or the snitch regardless their performance in class.

Perhaps we have different experiences to recollect because we had (still have) different attitudes... 

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